Wiv Littleton is a supporting character in Total Frat Movie.

History Edit

Wiv Littleton is a student at Mason Dixon University, and is a member of the Lacrosse team there along with Zack and several others. Desperate to find enough pledges before the end of Rush Week, Charlie Martin has no choice but to ask the Lacrosse team to join Alpha Chi Gamma, even though traditionally Lacrosse members don't join fraternities. When Zack asks why they need to join when for all intense and purposes they already function as a fraternity, Charlie introduces them to their idol Sam Venables, who convinces them to go to join. A few days later, Wiv, Zack and the other Lacrosse members go to Alpha Chi's paint party.

Charlie, Billy and Van Dyke challenge Wiv, Zack and a third lacrosse player to three games, and if they lose they have to join.

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