Jonesy is a character from Total Frat Movie, and a new member of the Alpha Chi Gamma fraternity along with Sarge, Van Dyke, Jake, Wiv and the other pledges.

History Edit

Jonesy lived in the same dorm as Charlie, Billy and Douche when Alpha Chi was terminated and the three former Alpha's were forced to live elsewhere.

During Rush week at Mason Dixon University, he talks to Charlie about joining a fraternity, and asks if he can use . When Charlie, Billy and Douche decide to hold a party at Alpha Chi to attract pledges, Jonesy arrives, telling them he's brought friends. He's immediately scolded by Billy, telling him they don't party with nerds until a dozen college girls arrive, confusing the three Alpha's. Charlie asks how he knows these girls, and what his research is.

After recruiting Sarge and Van Dyke, the three return to their old dorm, where they find Jonesy doing his research on a girl, who accidentally ejaculates all over Billy. Jonesy is invited to Alpha Xi again to join the fraternity.

Personality Edit

Jonesy is the typical nerd, but gains a lot of self-confidence when he joins the Alpha Xi fraternity. Even with all of the women coming to him for his research, he seems to be more interested in the work than the women themselves.