"Sergeant Dustin Keaton, USMC, aka, "Sarge". Sarge joined the military right out of high school, and did two tours over in Iraq. He's a little older and a bit twitchy, but he's alpha material through and through"

Sgt. Dustin Keaton, commonly known as Sarge, is a character in the 2016 movie Total Frat Movie. A veteran soldier of the Iraq War, he becomes a new member of the re-established Alpha Chi Gamma fraternity, the second recruited after Jonesy in the movie. He is portrayed by Mackenzie Ball.

History Edit

After finishing High School, Keaton immediately joined the United States army and fought in Iraq for two tours. He eventually came back home and became a student at Mason Dixon University. He

Following Alpha Chi Gamma's re-instatement, Charlie Martin, Billy Taylor and John Macgyver decide to recruit him. While reading a book in the library, Billy rushes towards him and tells him a guy is attacking a girl in the bathroom, getting Keaton to race there, where he incapacitates Macgyver, only for the girl to turn out to be Charlie in disguise. Keaton tells Charlie that he's impressed Charlie was able to set a trap for him, and that he'll consider meeting them at Alpha house and takes a card, but not before he quickly knocks out an unsuspecting Billy on the way out.

Keaton decides to hide in the shadows at the Alpha house while Charlie talks to the other pledges. During the night, he creeps up and appears behind Charlie, scaring the Alpha leader, telling him he'd been hiding in the house for a while. Keaton is persuaded to join the fraternity after Charlie tells him he has what it takes to run for congress, and in return, he asks Keaton to be the head of Alpha Chi Gamma's security.

During the final night of Rush Week, Keaton guards the entrance to the house, and is told to make sure none of the members of Kappa New make their way in.

When Alpha Chi is once again expelled from campus, Keaton approaches Billy, Douche, Jonesy and Zack at the student lounge, telling them they should join the MDU training core, and brings Cpt. Griffen to inspire them, but is unsuccessful.

Personality Edit

Following his tours in Iraq, Keaton displays a hardened and disciplined demeanour. He is also very paranoid around everyday people since returning from war, as seen by

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