Charlie Martin, also called Chuckles, is the main character of Total Frat Movie. The new head of Alpha Xi Gamma, he was the son of a former Alpha leader.

History Edit

Charlie was brought up dreaming of joining and leading the Alpha Xi Gamma fraternity at Mason Dixon University by his dad. When his dad died, he was taken in and raised by the family of Billy Taylor, his best friend. He and Billy eventually made it to MDU and pledged by Alpha Xi, along with another friend, John Macgyver. They completed every test, including having to sit up to their shoulders in a barrel of ice cold water, and made sure John completed the final test.

Charlie, along with the other pledges celebrated joining Alpha Xi. It was during this party that would end Alpha Xi for three years. Planning to set off special fireworks, Charlie, Billy and John were distracted by Katie Dalton and Becca Henley, allowing AJ Chesterfield and the other Kappa's to tamper with the fireworks. When Charlie set them off, they spiralled out of control, and one flew into one Alpha Chi's windows, setting the building on fire.

The next morning, Charlie and the other Alpha's watched as Dean Kravitz disbanded the fraternity with one stamp, ending Charlie's Alpha life before it even begun.

Three years later Charlie, Bill and Douche are still living in the same student accommodation they were left with during Rush Week. Following a chat with another student, Jonesy, Charlie heads into the abandoned alpha Chi building, determined to be an Alpha again, before falling asleep. While asleep, AJ and two other Kappas find him and strap him to a chair, and end up gluing a dildo to his head. After breaking free from the tape, he finds an official MDU book lying around. Reading the book, he finds the 1876 Mason Dixon Duel clause, and heads back to his dorm. He tells Billy and Douche about the clause, telling them that should they win against a fraternity of their choice, Alpha Chi will officially be reinstated. Challenging Kappa New to a fencing match, Charlie convinces Billy to face off against Kappa's leader, AJ. Billy wins against AJ, but are told by Dean Kravitz that should they find 12 pledges before the end of Rush, Alpha Chi will officially be reinstated.

Personality Edit